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Whether you are planning to go on a business trip or for a honeymoon, always talk to a travel agent before booking your next international flight. Although travel websites provide tickets for various destinations across the globe, you should realize that international travel is more complicated. The number of direct flights is often limited. You may be required to take a connecting flight to a transit airport and then get a flight to your final destination. Some routes may require you to change more than one flight. The layover time between each flight may range from 2 hours to 24 hours. You will waste a lot of time working out all these combinations. The different time zones within each country may add to your confusion.


Your travel agent can help find the best combination and also save both time and money for you. Your travel agent can also explain all the fees and charges related to your purchase. The language on a travel website is often confusing, especially with respect to cancellations and delays.

The travel websites do not list all the possible options. Hence, you may end up with an itinerary that is highly complicated and expensive. Agents have the list of all the airlines operating in the region, and can end up giving you a better deal. A travel agent can also lock you fare for 48 hours. This can give you some time to think over your travel plans.


He or she can also request the airlines to serve you special meals, especially if you are a vegetarian or have other diet restrictions. They can address your questions or concerns about the travel, and share the experiences of other clients with you before you make the final reservation. Your travel agent can also make sure you are seated together while flying for your honeymoon. They can also request for additional seating preferences during your air travel.


The number one reason for using a travel agent is the experience they bring to the travel. They know how different airlines work. They know about the best hotels in the area. It is simply their area of expertise. Wouldn’t you rather talk to a live human being than to a machine which cannot reciprocate back?



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